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All that you need to know about identifying a hearing problem, finding the right audiologist , choosing the right hearing aid, maintenance of your hearing aid and health Insurance coverage for hearing related issues.

What should I do if a loved one or if I have a hearing problem?
If there is a problem in both ears, should two hearing aids be worn?
How long does a hearing aid last and how often should we give our hearing aid for service?
How important is it to treat hearing loss in children?
At what age is it advisable to treat a child’s hearing loss?
How do I make my child wear his/her hearing aid?
How often should I change the battery for my hearing aid?
How long does it take to adjust to a new hearing aid?
Does the warranty cover maintenance and repairs?
Is the hearing aid provided for a trial period?
Can the hearing aid be covered in Health insurance?
Will my hearing ability be restored after using the hearing aid?
Which is the best model/ brandof hearing aid?
Can I clean my ears using a cotton bud?
Are there any side effects of wearing a hearing aid?

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