Hearing Aids repairs
Digital Hearing Aids Repairs and Maintenance

Hearing Aids Repairs and maintenance services

If you have a hearing aid that isn’t working correctly or if it needs repair, don’t throw it away or leave it sitting in a drawer!

Many a times, these old or broken hearing aids will only need a small repair or reprogramming and they’ll work as good as new. Bring it into our clinic and one of our certified Audiologists will examine your hearing aid.

Most hearing aids repairs can be done in our clinic itself. These types of hearing aids repairs include: fixing battery doors, tubing, and minor reprogramming of many types of instruments, ear bud replacement, extensive deep cleaning and minor patching. You shouldn’t let small problems like these impede your hearing or force you to spend hundreds or even thousands on a new instrument. Take advantage of our service and expertise and bring in your hearing aid now.

Our Services provide you with all that is needed to keep your digital hearing aids or normal hearing aids working perfectly. If you cannot visit us for services personally, we offer you an option of couriering the hearing aids or getting batteries delivered to your doorstep. Our professionals can usually repair a hearing aid on the spot, but sometimes the instrument may need to be sent to the manufacturer by us for repair.

Other more extensive hearing aids repairs can be done by sending it to the hearing aid manufacturing company itself. These hearing aids repairs include changing the damaged spare parts such as amplifier, microphones and receiver.

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Professional hard and soft ear molds

An earmold is made of silicone material worn to improve the transmission of sound. This is an essential feature to diminish feedback and assure better intelligibility in a noisy environment. The main goal in wearing earmold is to attain better user comfort, safety and efficiency. At Amber Hearing Solutions, we provide professional ear molds with best and accurate fitting and style.  We also provide cochlear implant treatment.


Digital Hearing aids accessories and spare parts

Accessories and spare parts for all models and brands of digital hearing aids are available at Amber Hearing Solutions.


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