Widex hearing Aids
Widex Hearing Aids

Widex  DreamTM:

The new WIDEX DREAMTM hearing aid not only enhances your hearing but gives you true to life sound. With these Widex Hearing aids sound seems richer, more detailed and more well-rounded. Get ready to hear the sounds you have been missing, the way you remember them with WIDEX DREAMTM .

WIDEX DREAM allows you to hear sounds in more detail and as true-to-life as technology allows than any other hearing aid. Thanks to unique technology that preserves voice, the WIDEX DREAM series of Widex Hearing aids provides more natural, true to life sound as possible so that you can enjoy conversation in noisiest of social situations. The WIDEX DREAM series is available in four Behind-the-ear(BTE) and two In-the-ear(ITE) models.

Widex Hearing Aids - Dream BTE


  • True ISP platform
  • Wireless connectivity WidexLink
  • InterEar – IE
  • 15 channel
  • True-Input Technology
  • TrueSound Softner
  • HD Locator
  • IE feedback cancellation
  • Extended Sensogram
  • Speech Enhanser SII
  • NoiseReduction SIS
  • Personal Audiability Extender
  • Personal Acclamatisation
  • Zen/Zen+, Personal Zen
  • Partner Monitor
  • Reverse focus Function
  • IE Volume Function, IE Program Shift
  • Dex Devices


When you have a hearing loss, it is not always easy to find the hearing aid solution that is tailored to meet your needs as well as budget. With MENUTM series of Widex Hearing aids you can choose exactly the features you need without paying for the extras you don’t need. The basic MENU option gives you great sound for easy listening and comes with state-of-the-art technology to minimise whistling. And it can even adopt to your changing listening situations – something that is usually found in more expensive hearing aids.

If you like a more customised fitting with best sound quality for your Widex Hearing aids, then one option is to add  more channels –  five or ten. And if you want features such as our unique tinnitus program, our technology for better speech in noise, they can be added too.

But don’t worry with or without extra features MENU delivers clear and natural sound.


Widex Hearing Aids - Menu micro CIC

Menu or Mind BTE Widex Menu or Mind or super RIC Widex






  • 3, ,5, 10 channels
  • Flex platform basis pack
  • High Level Compression
  • Automatic Output Control
  • Sound Stabilisers
  • Noise reduction SIS
  • Switchable fixed directional microphone
  • Active Feedback Cancellation
  • Adjustable Compression System
  • Directional microphones Omni/Dir
  • Expandable Sensogram
  • Multi Directional Active Feedback Cancelling
  • 2 listening programs
  • SmartTone and Service Tracker
  • HD Locator with Speech Tracer
  • Speech Enhancer
  • Sound Diary
  • SmartSpeakTM(Optional)
  • Audibility ExtenderTM
  • Up to 3 extra listening programs
  • Occlusion Manager
  • Slim Tube and Instant ear Tips
  • Easy to Fit(IP5/ Noahlink /Hi-Pro)
  • Zen Program(Optional)
  • RC4 Remote Control Compatible(Optional)


WIDEX Flash:

Flash is  an affordable hearing aid in the market to introduce integrated signal processing. The Flash series of Widex Hearing aids  is built upon latest exclusive technology from widex – Integrated Signal Processing. This unique new technology continuously controls and coordinates all the functions in tin the hearing aid in response to changes in listening environment.

Flash hearing aids are an excellent choice for first time users as well as anyone wanting to upgrade to the newest technology available within the segment. With the four cornerstones of the Flash Easy Listening concept –  Easy Sound, Easy use, Easy Fit and Easy Value – Widex Hearing aids offers series that gives you the price, performance and the reliability you are looking for.

Flash FL-9 with unique features including:

Dynamic IntegratorTM

  • Integration and storage of knowledge


Easy Integrated Signal Processing

  • 5 bands/5 channels
  • ERDC Amplifier
  • Sound Diary with long-term data logging
  • Speech and noise tracer
  • S/N ratio tracer
  • Feedback tracer
  • Spatial sound tracer
  • Flash Locator
  • Flash feedback cancelling
  • Speech Intensification System (active noise reduction)
  • Battery monitor
  • EcoTech II
  • Multi-point microphone matching
  • Flash Elan – ear set to provide an open comfort and instant fit – The perfect solution for occlusion problem.
  • Flash – m: These Micro models are wonders of excellent sound quality in shell so small that they are virtually invisible
  • PA 105 – The world’s smallest RIC hearing instrument with three different solutions.


Widex Bravissimo:

Based on Digital signal processing technology, Bravissimo is a High Quality and lower cost line of Widex Hearing aids. The Bravissimo hearing aid is available in the Behind The Ear, Completely-In-Canal and In-The-Ear styles. The Widex Hearing aids have an automatic feedback manager and provides natural, stable sound. The Bravissimo hearing aid is suitable for a variety of hearing loss types featuring excellent value with Widex Digital Performance.

Bravissimo is one of the Widex Hearing aids that offer very good sound quality, performance and hearing comfort in everyday listening situations. Automatic performance feature is also available along with manual control options. Thanks to WDRC amplifier, conversational speech is natural, soft speech is audible and loud sounds are not uncomfortable. Sound stabilizer and microphone noise reduction also helps ensure natural and comfortable sound.In addition, there is Bravissimo ITE and BTE models that include directional and omni-directional microphones – important technology features in these Widex Hearing aids that can help you hear the sounds around you. Bravissimo comes with long battery life and beep tones warnings for battery replacement.




  • 100% Digital Signal Processing
  • 3 channel and 3 bands
  • High quality and lower cost line of digital hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids for people with mild to profound hearing loss
  • Conversational speech is natural, soft speech is audible and loud sounds are not uncomfortable with WDRC amplifier.
  • Reduced risk of feedback (whistling) due to Automatic Feedback Manager
  • Long battery life with beep tone warnings for battery replacement
  • Models available with directional and Omni Directional microphones.
  • Automatic Performance (but there is also a manual volume control on most ITE and BTEs)
  • Sound Stabilizer and Microphone Noise Reduction to help ensure natural and comfortable sound.
  • Bravissimo Elan – ear set to provide an open comfort and instant fit – The perfect solution for occlusion problem


The mind series of Widex Hearing aids makes hearing a pleasure and the mind-220 is no exception. A wide range of tried and tested features make help you get the best of listening, mind-220 is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of high quality sounds and proven technology – all at affordable price.


Hearing high frequency sounds are always a challenge to hear, thanks to Widex Audibility Extender the high frequency sounds are audible again with the Widex Hearing aids. Our unique SmartSpeak system uses actual recorded speech to tell you about various function like if the batteries are running low or the current program that you are in. This makes sure that you are always in control of your Widex Hearing aids.

We know that using your hearing aid for a long periods of time can be stressful. That’s why we have developed a relaxation and tone program: Zen. This program, unique to widex, plays random harmonic tones that you can listen at your leisure which can be tailored to your preferences. Zen can also be tailored to play noise tone that can help counter tinnitus.

Widex Hearing Aids Widex Hearing Aids

Our sound technology allows mindTM220 to react to your hearing environment. Wherever you are, sound coming to your Widex Hearing aids is adjusted to ensure that you get the clearest and most detailed sound possible – even in noisy environments, making sure that you get exceptional sound experience. The only thing you have to do is focus on the pleasure of the sound around you.

MindTM220 gives you a choice of listening programs Besides standard programs you can choose from music and TV programs, as well as a comfort programs. Some models also provide telecoil option.

From completely in canal(CIC) to Behind the ear(BTE) model, there is a mindTM220 to suit all types of hearing losses. mindTM220 series of Widex Hearing aids comes in wide range of discrete colors from jet black to tan silk to suit you tastes.


Widex ClearTM440:

Nature has given us two ears to work together. And with CLEAR440 series of the Widex Hearing aids that instantly and constantly communicate with each other you can experience clear sound as close to nature as possible. Coupled with an array of advanced features in your hearing aid, CLEAR440 uses new wireless technology WidexLink which guarantees that your hearing aid can communicate with each other instantly just like two ears do. With this technology, every time your Widex Hearing aids adjust to your hearing environment or every time you switch to  different program or feature, they react without delay and stay in contact. Also, if you lose one of your hearing aids or if the battery is exhausted the Partner Monitor in CLEAR440 alerts you immediately.

Transitioning between different types of environments can present a challenge while using a hearing aid. But with CLEAR440 series of Widex Hearing aids  , with its state of the art technologies makes this transition as smooth as possible giving you sounds that are more detailed, natural and clear. The IE Speech Enhancer in these CLEAR440 lets you better understand speech in noisy environments giving speech the clarity it deserves.

CLEAR440 features Digital Pinna that helps recreate the acoustics of ear for more natural directionality. CLEAR440 also features a unique microphone cover developed by Widex that reduces wind noise so that you can listen comfortably even outside.

FreeFocus feature of CLEAR440 series of Widex Hearing aids helps you focus on sound in different directions without having to turn your head. With the dedicated PHONE+ feature you can hear both landline and mobile conversation in real time in both the ears. Widex Hearing aids come with unique Zen feature relaxes you by playing random and harmonic tones in stereo that can be fully customised to your preferences. Zen is also proven to help managing the effects of tinnitus. The SmartSpeak feature of Widex CLEAR440 keeps you informed verbally with pre recorded voices or tones if you prefer, of various hearing aid functions like low battery or change in settings. The extremely power efficient batteries of CLEAR440 last upto 7 days without having to recharge them.

Watching television with CLEAR440 is a pleasure, thanks to TV-DEX feature that transmits high quality sound directly to your Widex Hearing aids without any delay. Coupled with Widex’s wireless technology, the television sound can be experienced without any echo so you can enjoy uninterrupted sound for up to ten hours between recharging batteries. Also, you can listen with your hearing aids microphones switched off so that the surrounding sounds do not interfere. CLEAR440 also features M-DEX for using your hearing aids as wireless headsets. They connect directly to any mobile phone, allowing you to talk and hear mobile phone conversation directly in your hearing aids. A unique feature of M-DEX is ROOM-OFF, which lets you switch off the microphones on the Widex Hearing aids and concentrate fully on the conversation without being disturbed by outside sounds.

A unique feature of M-DEX is ROOM-OFF, which lets you switch off the microphones on the hearing aid and concentrate fully on the conversation without being disturbed by outside sounds. The simple and intuitive RC-DEX gives you full control of your device and its functionalities while being small enough to fit on a key ring.

The WIDEX CLEAR440 series is available in 4 Behind-the-ear(BTE) and two in-the-ear(ITE) models. These Widex Hearing aids are also available in a wide range of colours to suit your style.


WIDEX baby440:

The BABYTM440 Widex Hearing aid provides babies with access to as many sounds as possible. Its extremely high quality sound allows your child to interact freely with you and the world around them.

Widex Hearing Aids - Baby 440 RIC


Because of its miniature size, WIDEX BABY440 fits perfectly on small ears. And as it is designed using light yet tough materials, you can rest assured that it sits securely and comfortably all day long. baby440 line of Widex Hearing aids not only gives baby the best possible start with regards to language acquisition, but simply the best possible start.




  • Based on Dual ISP platform
  • Exclusively designed for babies 0 – 4 years old
  • RIC fitting up to 80 dB HL
  • 15 band / 15 Channel
  • Audibility extender as a separate program.
  • Child Fit is applied for fitting children
  • In-suit RECD measurement / Average Measurement.
  • Clear band receiver to give output up to 12000 Hz
  • ABR Thresholds / Sensogram are threshold inputs
  • Parent Questionnaire and hearing checklist for different levels
  • ISTS test mode along with regular test modes
  • Instant Receiver ear tips / Custom Receiver ear moulds
  • Two formula choice: Widex Pediatric Rational / DSL v5.0
  • Optional RC3 Remote Control
  • NanoCare and Nano Coating
  • LED to alert parents
  • Baby optional accessories: Widex Baby kit, Secure Fizx, COHERE tape.


Widex Super440:

Introduces RITE Technology to the super power segment of Widex Hearing aids for the first time. So, for the first time, people with severe to profound hearing loss, get a small and beautifully designed hearing aid with maximum power and amplification. Super 440 focus, not just power, giving them access to many sounds which they may not have heard before.

Based on latest on audibility C-ISP technology and Widex Link and Digital Pinna, Super 440 helps patients regain natural hearing and locate source of sound and speaker. Apart from other features Super 440 is the only one of Widex Hearing aids to offer IE Zen music for this population and also an all new Classic Program to help them in transition from previous analog hearing aids to digital hearing aids.




Signal processing details

  • 15 frequency bands
  • 15 compression channels
  • Dynamic IntegratorTM localisation
  • EDRC amplifier with TruSound compression system with TrueSound softners.
  • Digital Pinna audibility
  • Output ExtenderTM
  • InterEar Speech Enhancer
  • Audibility ExtenderTM
  • HD LocatorTM
  • IE feedback cancellation
  • IE Zen
  • EchoTech III
  • SmartSpeak with acoustic Indicators.
  • Phone+ program/ Classic Program
  • Weather cover
  • 675 size battery for maximum performance
  • P and SP receiver choices
  • Dex devices



People with single sided deafness can miss out on many of life’s important sounds and, in particular, have challenges listening to speech.

CROS is the ultimate solution among Widex Hearing aids for those of your clients with single sided deafness. Easy to use and fit, WIDEX CROS can be configured either as a CROS or BiCROS option. Both options make use of Widex’ acclaimed FASHION model in the user’s poorer ear, while their better ear can be fitted with any hearing aid in the DREAM range of Widex Hearing aids – in four performance levels.

WIDEX CROS is worn on the user’s deaf ear like an ordinary BTE hearing aid. CROS receives sound from the surroundings and transmits it wirelessly (using the Widex Link technology) to a dream hearing aid on the other ear.




  • True-Input Technology
  • WidexLink – Wireless Technology
  • Long Battery life
  • Volume Control
  • Multiple earware options
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to fit with Widex’ user-friendly software
  • Extremely low battery consumption (battery 312)
  • Modern and stylish
  • Super sound quality
  • Excellent for hearing speech
  • No echo or distortion
  • Compatible with DEX assistive listening devices (while not transmitting)


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