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We conduct all these tests!

  • Computerized Audiometry: Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) is a hearing test used to determine the presence or absence of hearing loss. If hearing loss is present, the Audiologist will be able to determine the type of hearing loss and its severity.


  • Tympanometry and Reflexometry: A Tympanometry test shows how the ear drum reacts to varying air pressure in the ear canal. It is the most commonly used method of testing pathologies in the middle ear, the mobility of the Tympanic Membrane or the ear drum.The test can not only determine the infections in the middle ear but can be also used alongside the results of the PTA Testing to provide effective diagnosis.
  • Speech Audiometry: There are 2 different speech tests that will be completed. One will determine lowest level at which you are able to hear words and the other will measure how clearly you are able to understand words.


  • Hearing Aid Fitting: Each individual will be given a detailed and personal counseling session which includes a thorough discussion of the hearing loss, recommendation of appropriate hearing instruments / hearing aid for the individual. A Hearing aid fitting session will take approximately one hour. During this session, the hearing aids will be digitally programmed in accordance with your hearing requirement. Programming accuracy will be verified by exposing you to different sounds and environments and the benefits will be observed through behavioral measurements. Detailed instruction on the use and care of the instruments will be given.

Speech-Language Evaluation and Management: Along with the wide spectrum of hearing disorders, we also provide speech and language assessment & therapy to the individuals who complain of different speech and language problems like Stuttering (stammering), Voice problems, Aphasia (loss of speech and voice following a sudden incident like stroke or head trauma) etc. We also provide rehabilitative and therapeutic services to children who have been fitted with hearing aids.

  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment: Tinnitus is the perception of sound when there is none present. Tinnitus may be perceived as buzzing, ringing, hissing, pulsatile, whistling etc. Using audiometric techniques, it is possible to identify the frequency, type, and the loudness of tinnitus which is essential to chart out the rehabilitation method. Rehabilitation of tinnitus may include noise maskers, tinnitus retraining therapy, counselling etc. Our qualified Audiologists are exceptionally trained to help you overcome these problems in a completely tailor-made approach